How do you develop a Process of Creating an Employment Reference?

What are the Essentials?

Please consider this approach as our personal recommendation. Of course, the reference creation might be based on entirely different premises.

Our suggestions are compatible with the framework allowed by the legislature for the creation of a qualified employment reference; in addition, we focus on the aspects of employee appreciation, verbal fairness and meaningfulness.

Relieve your executives of the duty of drafting reference texts. Provide them instead with a conclusive reference checklist and the freedom to fully concentrate on their executive function.

Let your employees decide when they need an interim employment reference. Pass on discussions about your employee’s claim to a reference at that time and treat this aspect freely and liberally.

Narrow your assessment scale to the grades 1 (= very good/A) to 4 (= adequate/D). Provide a generous and differentiated description and evaluation of your employees‘ strengths and forgo explicitly mentioning their weak points.

Refrain from using so-called reference codes to point out your employees’ flaws and weaknesses. German and English are sufficiently rich and versatile to express the grades ranging from very good to adequate clearly and comprehensibly in a transparent way.

Develop distinct and coherent assessment criteria for your employment references on grounds of fairness and tailor them to your company philosophy.

Make sure your employees do not have to wait a long time for their references.

Bear in mind that an employment reference is also always publicity for your company.

Include the employee representation (works council) and data protection officials in your plans as early as possible, if you wish to outsource the creation of employment references.

Have your employment references written by professionals, such as us.