English Employment Reference

German Employment Reference in English

In the course of globalization, more and more people are planning their lives on an international level. Thus, the demand for German Employment References in English is growing correspondingly.

Of course, we provide this service for you.
Let us explain some aspects beforehand.

Legal clarity is needed!

Employment References in English according to German law have so far only been legally defined in one exception. Anyone who lives more than 50% of their professional life in a foreign language is entitled to have an Employment Reference in the foreign language. English is recommended.


For all other cases, we recommend the following:
A corresponding Employment Reference in German should be written and, in cases of doubts, a reference to the legal validity of the German text should be included in the English version.

A legal claim to a qualified Employment Reference is a unique feature in the German language area.

The qualified Employment Reference exists in German law, in Austrian law, in Swiss law. It is also known in the BeNeLux states, but beyond that, the German philosophy and language concerning Employment References and their legal background is hardly known.

Reference Letters are common internationally. We also create those on the basis of your input.

If an Employment Reference according to German law is presented in an international context, there is a possibility of misinterpretation – resulting from a lack of knowledge about the German language and philosophy concerning Reference Letters.

Every case is different

We will be happy to advise you which solution is most recommendable for you. Feel free to contact us!


Our service

  • Creation of a qualified Employment Reference or Interim Employment Reference in German and English. The German Employment Reference is legally binding – and the English text refers to that fact.
  • Translation of a German Employment Reference or Interim Employment Reference into English. We do not only translate the text but also the images that can be found between the lines.
  • Creation of a Reference Letter in German and/or English according to internationally common standards.