Creating Employment References

Outsource the Creation of Your Employment References

From years of experience collaborating with large companies, we know how to most effectively shape the process of creating employment references for you and us. We will gladly advise you.


Whichever way you want to set up this process, the outcome should be important for both you and us, with an informative, employee appreciative reference at the end of it.

  • The assessment sheet serves as the most important tool to visualize the employee at his work for the reference writer, as well as the employee, their superior and, if applicable, the responsible human resources department.
  • You will find the relevant information for the reference in the personnel file. Our assessment sheet clearly and comprehensibly details which information specifically is needed.
  • The reference draft will be prepared by the reference writer based on the information provided, and subsequently reviewed and – after an additional correction, if necessary – signed by you.

How does it work?

  • The employee receiving the reference provides input about their career within the company and their tasks.
  • Their superior checks the tasks and provides an assessment of the employee, as well as information about their character, which particularly distinguishes them.
  • The superior and, if applicable, the human resources department check the data filled into the assessment sheet for completeness and plausibility and add missing information relevant to the employment reference.
  • The reference writer visualizes the employee’s career, tasks and personality based on the assessment sheet and prepares a reference draft.

External Employment Reference Creation

As you can see, outsourcing the creation of employment references does not pose a problem.

This way, informative, employee appreciative and vocation promoting employment references can be developed, which are appealing to read.